Off Site Workout Info and Trainer Contact


Hello Jr Ducks,


Below are workouts I want you to complete in my absence.

This is in addition to the mile times (or substitutes) that you have to submit each week.  


Coach Dan Ostberg, MS, CSCS

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Protec Elite Performance Center 

15 Worlds Fair Drive

Somerset, NJ 08873


Thanks for Submitting...

NEWEST Off-Site Workout

**Warm Up thoroughly before starting this**


Pick option 1 or 2 and perform for 30 minutes.


Option 1- Hill Sprints. Find a decently steep, long hill. Run up the hill and walk back down it. Perform as many reps as possible in 30 minutes. 


Option 2- Straightaway and Curves. Go to a nearby track. Sprint the straightaway and walk the curve. Perform as many reps as possible in 30 mins. 


Workout #1


**Perform each block as one small 3 move circuit.  Each movement will be held for 30 seconds each.  Do this for 3-4 rounds.**


Block 1 

1. Split Squat Hold 

2. Chin Up Hold

3. Deadbug Crusher 


Block 2

1. Push Up Hold

2. Hamstring Bridge Hold

3. Copenhagen Plank


Core Finisher x100 reps of each

1. Straight Leg Sit Ups 

2. Russian Twists 


Workout #2


Hill Sprints 10 x 20-30 yards (2-3 mins rest in between each sprint)

**Find a hill that isn't too steep, but has a fairly solid incline.  This hill should have about 20-30 yards of distance that you can run in a straight line. You will perform 10 sprints.**


1. A-Skips (focus on Knee drive) 2 x 15 yds

2. A-Skips (focus on Striking the ground) 2 x 15 yds

3. Segmented Push Up Start Sprints 2 x 10 yds

4. Falling Sprints 2 x 10 yds5. 2 pt Sprints 10 x 10 yds w/60s of rest in between each rep



1. Pogo Jumps 2 x 25

2. Drop Squats to Vertical Jump 2 x 5

3. Pogo Jumps to Tuck Jump 3 x 5 (5+1)


**Perform 5 Pogo Jumps and on the 5th rep perform a Tuck Jump**4. Long Jump 3 x 5**Jump as far as you can every rep**